Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bloated Fruit

Apple's gone a long way and I wouldn't agree more with this article about too many things to focus after the most recent event.
Apple currently makes five different iPads (ten if you include the cellular ones), six kinds of Macs, four kinds of iPhones, three kinds of iPods, a set-top box and soon, 34 different styles of watch. And that's before you consider its music and movie businesses, its software business and its imminent role as a global payment service. It's even taking on the phone networks with Apple SIM.
via techradar.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Missing Link

Where is the missing one? In my stomach, of course. Burp?

The missing link.

Apple 16 October 2014 Event - The Aftermath

Even with not much expectations on the 16 October 2014 Apple event (to be frank, I was actually only hoping for a new Mac Mini) I found it lacking with a Phil Schiller that seemed to be less than his usual enthusiastic self. 

First of all, I'm glad that Apple reintroduced the numbering system into their iPad product lines and all's well with yet a thinner body, Touch ID, new processor, better camera, etc. However, that's more a refresh than any major innovation. The Retina iPad Mini 3 was mentioned quickly with even less fanfare.

The new Retina 5K iMac sounds cool with such a nice screen but that's something beyond my reach so it garnered nothing more than a quick "wow" from me.

My heart almost dropped when I thought it was the end of the event but alas the refreshed Mac Mini was introduced quickly with a lower price point. I think I'm going to get one! Just like Phil Schiller said, a first Mac. 

Despite a refresh and a price "drop", I can't help feeling that it's not really a super bargain that Apple would want us to believe. There's no more quad core i7 and apparently, RAM is no longer user upgradeable. Well, there is better graphics, even for the base model (which essentially is a base Macbook Air and iMac). Sigh, so things are really not as rosy but I most likely will get the mid-range version. It is still the cheapest Mac around after all and that's all I can afford at the moment.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Cloverfield Revisited

One of my buds and I left the cinema after the first 20 minutes of this crazy shaky cam of a movie called Cloverfield. I thought I would never have anything to do with that movie anymore because the dizzy after taste actually lingered for hours despite only watching the first 20 minutes.

Who would've thought I watched the last 20 minutes over satellite TV. Thank goodness crazy shaky cam movie was not so dizzifying on normal television. Since I hated the movie when it first existed, this last 20 minutes didn't change anything. It only added to my amusement as to why the bunch of people would always be around the ugly monster or why would the monster kept on hanging around them. I'm just glad that there WAS an ending. Bye bye Cloverfield!

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Box of Chopsticks

Life as we know it, is definitely not a box of chopsticks where everything is consistent. A box of chocolates is indeed a closer analogy but I do like my simple B&W attempt of a box of disposable chopsticks taken from a Japanese restaurant.

Have a look at life this week.

Pollution AGAIN

Last year, a million Klang Valley consumers were left without water for hours if not days due to diesel contamination. Today, another incident of hydrocarbon pollution which apparently affects at least 800,000 residences of Klang Valley happened again.

Come on, what's the matter with you terrible people dumping things into the river!?!? Please stop it! &@%#!!!!!! Instead, go pour into your own mouth. That will do.

via The Malaysian Insider.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

"Look Up" and notice the smartphone and social media plague

Nice video that basically states it all about a "plague" that's been among us for some time now carried by the useful information technological devices we have on our desktop right up to our pockets.

Not to say that it's all negative because there are tonnes of positivity. Like everything else, moderation is the key. :)

AmazingSuperPowers: Back In My Day

Great comic for a Sunday.
A grandpa was mentioning to his grandson during his days, there were lack of certain technologies in sci-fi... and he is totally disappointed that there're still none of those now. You'll have to read the comic to really feel the fun factor.

Have a nice day!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Way too long, indeed...

I particularly like Apple's tag line of the upcoming 16 October 2014 invite because "it's been way too long' offers a glimmer of hope of a new Mac Mini and what else that've not been updated for ages? Ah, the Apple TV, iPod series of products... heck it could also mean new designs for all those Macs!

And what's with the colourful outlines of the background that otherwise look so similar to the recent invite? Hmmm... speculations run wild as the event approaches...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Brick Wall That Came Along

Was on my way home and while waiting for the lights to turn green, noticed this brick wall. Not a common sight so I decided to snap and Instagram it when I got home. Taken by a phone so this is a heavily cropped and straightened photo with a filter applied. You wouldn't want to see the original photo lest you would get really disappointed!

The Brick Wall

Monday, 6 October 2014

Path to the Bright Side

Not really but to make this photo possible, I increased the exposure - now possible with the stock camera app on iOS 8. It's more like a high key photograph. The purpose is to produce a "path to enlightenment" or if you're into Star Wars, "path to the bright side". ;)

Path to the bright side.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Spiralling into your mind...

"Your eye lids are heavy, you are sleepy, you will obey me once you wake up from this slumber..."

Hypnotic spiral.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Two Minutes with the iPhone 6 Plus

A resourceful friend managed to get a gold iPhone 6 Plus even before it officially reach our shores and I was somehow lucky enough to handle it for a couple of minutes. My first thought was represented relatively well by the image above. The thing was humongous. Holding it next to a Galaxy Note (the first one), the iPhone was visibly taller but not significantly wider.

The next thing I did was to try Reachability. Double tap on the home button and voila! Unfortunately, my thumb was not long enough to reach the other corner so one-handed usage on the bigger iPhone 6 would be a challenge for me. After that, I tried to put it into my work pants and ok, it fit. Didn't manage to try that while sitting, though. My friend stressed that the phone was blazing fast and he proved it by opening some CAD drawings (with the AutoCAD 360 app). While on the iPhone 5 the drawings needed to keep refreshing and were super lagging whenever we pan or zoom, on the iPhone 6 Plus they were smooth and I didn't notice any refreshing of the images. I wouldn't have been that impressed had I read this article earlier on how the newest iPhone managed to outperform the Galaxy S5 and HTC One.

I had been dreaming of owning a iPhone 6 Plus mainly because of its battery life and the potential to replace my ageing iPad (still not possible as of this moment because there are still plenty of apps on my iPad that could not run on the phone). After my hands-on for two minutes, I'm still hoping to own one but slightly, only slightly, less sure about it.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tapioca with Love

Interested in some festive cookies? Have some heart-shaped tapioca ones!


What will the next version of Android be called? At the moment, it's generally referred to as Android L. Traditionally named after desserts, there are various speculations with the front runner being Lemon Meringue Pie. It could also be Lollipop, according to Android Community and with good reason. It could also be Lime (Key) Pie. Hmmm...

via Android Community.