Friday, 26 June 2009

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen @ Malaysia's Fallen IMAX

Update 29 June 2009: You can get more info about the fallen IMAX in Malaysia at fellow blogger's My Musings blog here and here.

Right after getting my DVD drive repaired, I headed straight for Berjaya Times Square to catch the 2pm Transformers 2 on the 5-storey high "IMAX" screen. I called it "IMAX" and not IMAX because I no longer find any signs of IMAX. It's now called Cosmo's World Theme Park Theatre. I was a bit disappointed and was sceptical on how the movie might look on such a big screen when it's in the normal cinema format. I was also hoping to catch the IMAX version where there was supposed to be additional scenes.

As the movie started, I noticed the graininess of it as a result of being projected on such a large screen but as the action started, I got used to it and ignored that part of the problem. Phew! What more to ask for right? Quite comfy seats, nice sound system and, according to the banner on the left, watch Megan Fox... ahem, I mean Transformers, life size for the price of a normal ticket.

Now, lets talk a bit about some highlights of the movie but before that, I have to do this: SPOILERS AHEAD! READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS!

As much as I hope, this movie will never be anything like the very first cartoons but I liked that there were a few mentions of things that I can relate to the first generation Transformers such as The Matrix, Devastator that is a combination of construction vehicles, Arcee, and more interaction between a disappointed Megatron and a cowardly Starscream.

This movie tells the tale of the Decepticons' attempts to revive The Fallen and use Earth as a Energon source. After a shard of the All Spark transferred a whole lot of info including the location of a Energon generating machine into Sam Witwicky's brain, the action kicks into high gear - Decepticons want him while the Autobots and humans try to stop them.

We were reminded of the greedy nature of humans and our tendency to go to war in Optimus Prime's own words. The Autobots were asked to leave Earth because some high ranking Americans thought the Decepticons were still terrorising Earth because of them and also accusations that the Autobots were not sharing their weapon technology.

Some where at the beginning of the movie, I was surprised to see Optimus Prime kill off a Decepticon in such a cold blooded (in this case, maybe lubricant) point-blank way. He even asked if the dude had any last words. Cruel, cruel, cruel! This Prime is certainly more violent than the one I knew. Not long after, we were reminded of the good side of Optimus Prime when he sacrificed his life trying to protect Sam.

It was also interesting to see that humans managed to take down the mighty Devastator while the giant dude was high up on the pyramid. The bigger they are, they higher they fall, I suppose. ;)

Oh, I would like to mention that I found it strange Bumblebee could not talk again. I remembered that he gained back his voice at the end of the first movie.


Daddy Parenting Tips said...

Wow, this promotion RM11 forever? How come? So,definitely good value compared to watching non life size? what about the queue to buy the ticket?

RM11..."IMAX". Only in Malaysia.Elsewhere, like Tokyo, have to wait extra 6 mths for actors to dubb the voice for every movie with real acting and pay 5 times th price for the late release without imax.

buzookapanka said...

so ada perbezaan x tgk kat imax ngan ngan tgk kat panggung lain

IonBuck said...

There is no more IMAX in Malaysia, as mentioned in the post and now with a link to another blogger that got a letter from IMAX indicating the same.

Watching the normal cinema format projected on the very large screen was grainy but after I got used to it, and when the action distracted me, it was ok.

Bang, tak banyak sangat perbezaan. Kalau ini betul-betul versi IMAX, mungkinlah.