Thursday, 2 July 2009

From Magick River: Different Thoughts 'Bout Smokin'

Caution! If you're easily offended by smoke and vulgarity and below a certain age limit, do not proceed further!

Came across this post via Malaysia Today. Can't help noticing the catchy title. It's the blogger's opinions on the over the top negative publicity about smoking and I particularly like these:
Indigenous peoples have enjoyed tobacco for thousands of years. They regard smoking as a sacred ritual. Tobacco represents the plant kingdom, growing from the fertile soil of Mother Earth. When tobacco smoke passes into the lungs it is charged with love from the heart chakra. As the smoke is exhaled, it is blessed with a sense of gratitude for life's pleasures, small and great, and offered as a fragrant incense to Father Sky. This is the sacred meaning of smoking when performed as a conscious ritual. Done this way smoking cannot harm you. Indeed, it can be viewed as a universal form of prayer, honoring the mystical connection between Heaven, Earth and Humanity.
Check out the entire post here.

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