Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Rachael and F70EXR

Looks like Rachael the Android is coming soon as Xperia X3 from Sony Ericsson. She continues to surprise by implementing 3.5mm microphone jack, microSDHC flash memory and microUSB! Besides those standard technology that Sony Ericsson failed to add to their devices until now, Rachael will bring along AGPS, 10mbps of HSDPA and 2mbps HSUPA plus 802.11g wifi. Sounds good. Too, good. We shall wait for the OFFICIAL announcement by Sony Ericsson. Oh yeah, the price, too.

Meanwhile, Fujifilm has just announced a slim 10x optical zoom (27 - 270mm equivalent) compact digital camera with their EXR sensor (supposedly super low noise). Only 22.7mm thick, it may be the slimmest superzoom around. Great! My previous favourite which I don't own and never used was the Panasonic TZ something series but this one is even slimmer.

With only 10 megapixels, this could mean the sensor has less photosites, which is a good thing, really. Less noise. Let's wait for the reviews to come in, shall we?
via Engadget and Engadget, respectively.

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