Monday, 24 August 2009

Booklet 3G from Nokia

There were rumours that Nokia will be coming up with a netbook and those rumours got stronger when Nokia and Intel announced they are working together. Well, now, those rumours have become facts. Nokia will be launching their first netbook the Booklet 3G soon enough.

I'm not sure why Nokia would want to join in the crowd especially when the netbook market is already saturated and there were many reports that people regretted buying netbooks. Looking at the video, the Booklet 3G does look captivating with plenty of connectivity options and visually pleasing plus a 12-hour battery life. It will be running on Windows. Which Windows? Don't know.

Will be expecting the full announcement later in Nokia World early next month. Only if I get to go but I guess I will just be here waiting for the www to announce the news. I'm looking forward to the E72 announcement, too!

First heard of this from Engadget.

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