Wednesday, 12 August 2009

IonBuck and the E72 Dream

I had a dream last night and it was quite a pleasant one: I somehow bought the upcoming Nokia E72 and went around snapping photos with the built-in 5 megapixels digital camera and was rather pleased with the results. This was probably due to some acceptable sample images (in terms of camera phone standards) that I saw some days ago. The rest of the dream vaporised as soon as I woke up but I am sure I would have surfed the net and checked some e-mails with it. Definitely would have blogged using the QWERTY keyboard, too.

Yeah, I know. Why would I still want to dream about a Symbian S60 phone. Many people are saying Symbian is an aging OS. I really don't know. I've not used any Symbian phones before and I am a Nokia fan. I've had two classic Nokias before and was satisfied with them. Plus, I can't afford the iPhone and was quite disappointed with the Nokia N97 - hardware vs price. If I can't afford the iPhone, I also won't be able to afford the N97 anyway.

Even before news of N97 came about, I was a fan of E72's predecessor - the E71. So, yeah, after reading about the E72 with improved camera and a processor upgrade, it is now the phone that I would want to have. Not necessarily the phone that I would buy, though. :P

I am ok with my current Sony Ericsson T303 but lately I found the web surfing experience to be very limited. I couldn't go to many websites with it. At first, Twitter and the mobile version of The Onion were sufficient but lately, I ventured to other websites and these either did not come out at all or were rendered badly... even with Opera Mini. :(

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