Thursday, 6 August 2009

IonBuck and those Meetings

I used to like going into meetings mainly because they waste time. Lots of time. I like wasting time just like most people here on earth. But lately, things have changed. My feelings for attending meetings are now... mixed. Sometimes, I like meetings and sometimes, I dread them. Still like meetings because they waste time, but now, a new factor has formed in my mind.

The meetings that I attend are still old fashioned. We still use pen and paper to write notes and distribute stuff in printed form. Mostly notes that I don't refer to after that or things that I totally did not remember because I was not paying attention (told you, I waste time in there). Those poor trees! Now this where a super hi-tech smart phone comes in. Don't have one yet, but thankfully, my T303 still can tweet. ;)

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