Saturday, 1 August 2009

It was July 2009...

The beginning month of the second half of 2009 just passed and here's what my mind remembers (in no particular order):
  1. A political secretary's murder was politicised to the max by both opposition and ruling government. There were multiple visits to the victim's family and our government's big boss even asked them to their office so that he could sympathise with them.
  2. The Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional whack-em-up continues without relenting.
  3. Nikon launched the entry level of all entry level DSLRs - the D3000 - 10 megapixels with 11 focus points but of course, there won't be video recording else they might risk overlapping with the D5000. I'm disappointed that it doesn't come with Live View. The company also launched the D300s but that couldn't get me excited because it is something I couldn't afford.
  4. We be getting the new RM50 notes but that would take some time before it becomes general availability.
  5. Maxis launched the iPhone 3G S, much to the anticipation of my bud Andrewk.
  6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! I've not watched it yet, though.
  7. Not a very good month for some of my friends. I hope they will all do better from now on.
  8. I did a claypot in 3D.
  9. A crazy ex-big guy was exposed to have built a RM20 million resort for himself. Did that happen in July? Or was it in June? No matter. Dentistry and politics earn a lot.
  10. RIP Yasmin Ahmad.
  11. Olympus launched the smallest interchangeable lens camera of all time (ok, so it was not in July but it sure felt like it was only yesterday)! The PEN EP-1. Wow. But slow auto-focus and no flash could turn some people away. I for one would only want it as a secondary camera to my DSLR. However, I have no DSLR.
  12. Microsoft and Yahoo looked set to combine their resources and will seek to search and destroy Google and then rule the world. Google's been keeping silent on this. Wonder if the search giant will mount protests and candlelight vigils like what we do here.
  13. Haze, haze, haze.
  14. Work, work, work during weekend.

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