Monday, 3 August 2009

MIX fm's Dearly Deported

Just finished listening to the first Dearly Deported and it ended with a happy two weeks reunion for sisters Tan Chiu Por and Tan Chiu Pih and their family plus baby sitter. This is what Dearly Deported is about (taken from MIX fm's website):
For two weeks this August, MIX fm is flying the loved one to Kuala Lumpur and we will take them straight to the MIX fm studio. We’ll put the overseas relative in one studio and the Malaysian-based relative in an adjoining studio. They will be able to see each other, but won’t be able to talk to each other.

And then the Malaysian-based relative will have to answer 3 questions about their overseas relative.
· Get ONE right – they spend 10 minutes together;
· Get TWO right – they get 1 hour together;
· Get all THREE right – they are reunited for 2 weeks!

But if he or she gets none of the questions right – we will instantly deport the loved one. No hugs, not even a chance to say hello... we take them straight back to the airport and put them on a flight back home!
Update 9:40pm: Gallery and video uploaded on MIX fm's website. Here's the video:

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