Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My Ingenious Junk Mail Colleague

A couple of days ago, another one of my colleagues called my extension and asked why had one of her legitimate e-mail gone into her Outlook Junk Mail folder. I told her these kind of things happen all the time, that the filter was not perfect and no way will it ever be. Time may have stood still when I was explaining to her because she asked me the same question again after I was done explaining.

Since she repeated her question, I repeated my answer and this time, I suppose she got it. She said she would check with our other colleagues if their e-mail also went into the junk folder. She was also worried that she had to check her junk folder all the time just in case more of her serious e-mails are sent there. I told her if she wanted to be safe, she had better do that. We left it at that.

On a different note, it is interesting to find that most of my colleagues receive plenty of junk e-mails. I suspect one of the major reasons would be that they forward a lot of junks or jokes or whatever to their friends and somehow, these e-mails with their addresses on got into the hands of those spammers. I've been here for over a year and not received any junk e-mails although I did get a few e-mails that were automatically sent to the junk folder. ;)


andrewk said...

You have many ingenious colleagues.

IonBuck said...

Not too many... a few of them only. ;)