Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My Ingenious Wifi Colleague

Yesterday, my workplace was having issues with Streamyx - no ADSL signal for almost 3/4 of the day. One of my colleagues needed to surf the net (or send and check for some really important e-mails out as he claimed) and he became irritated after the first two hours of no internet. He called my extension to first complain about the internet connection and then asked if we had wifi.

Told him we do and he immediately jumped into high gear and asked me for the SSID and key. I asked him why since he is generally always sitting at one place anyway. He said he need to go online to send and check for important e-mails. Feeling a little perplexed, I reminded him that our internet connection was down. He must be confused by the wifi waves around or something because he didn't seem to understand that our wifi and LAN were all linked to the same single ISP account. After quite some minutes, he finally hung up but I am not sure if he really got it...

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