Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Buck OS

Sentinel OS 0.000001a (Alpha) Codename "Free World"

Since everyone in the parallel Earth is starting out a new wave of OSes (last wave from an alternative timeline in the planet called Earth MS-DOS, PC-DOS, OS/2, TOS, Amiga OS that I don't know what it's called and what else?), for example, Windows, Linux variants, Chrome OS, Symbian, Android, Mac OS X, etc., I've got to start mine here.

Sentinel OS will be totally errr... scalable, cloudy with a chance of donuts and absolutely nice to see and nice to touch. It will be:
  1. Fully open source and at the same time, closed source so that those that like open source can use it and those that like to make people pay for its variant can do so.
  2. It can be installed fully in the computer and also at the same time exist in the cloud.
  3. Superb visuals with transparency, semi-transparency and full opacity, colourful icons that can be manly and also cute at the same time.
  4. Runs on any versions of PCs since the abacus because it can be in the cloud.
  5. 512-bit but backward compatible with 2-bit computers.
  6. Damn stable even in its first 0.000001a.
  7. Can turn a non-touchscreen PC into a full touchscreen one with just a super cheap webcam.
  8. Multi-multi-touch with fingers, toes, tongue, nose and whatever body parts that creative people can think of.
  9. Self-sanitising since any body parts can touch it.
  10. Random startup to web browser or desktop so that it can decide for the user where he/she should start first.
  11. Built-in everything so that no third party software will ever be necessary.
  12. Auto-detect the machine it is being installed on so that it can auto install as a full fledge desktop or totally empty netbook version or mobile version.
  13. Virus-free, spyware free, malware free, and everything bad free because everyone will love it.
  14. Built-in all-in-one search engine from all the major competing mammoth companies.
  15. Built-in all-in-one social media engine that will be fully compatible with all social media sites.
  16. Built-in all-in-one messenger.
  17. Extreme stability - will never hang even though if the program has failed to response.
  18. 100% restore at any stage - even after using it for 20 years, you can still restore back to its original state 1, 2, and even 20 years back.
  19. Future proof.
  20. Past proof.
  21. 10 seconds boot-up time.
  22. Auto connection to search for extra-terrestrials in space with remaining CPU power.

What to expect in Sentinel OS 0.000001b (Beta) in 2015 Codename "Freedom Fighter"
  1. Built-in consciousness that will be developed to full awareness in 0.000001 Release Candidate.
  2. Upgrade from cloud to atmosphere.
  3. Converts open source version to closed source.
  4. Converts closed source version to open source.
  5. Enable fair usage policies.
  6. Implementation of filters.
  7. 100% customisation of desktop to create your own OS template.
  8. Multi-multitask capability - run so many programs that you wish you were just running none.
  9. T1 file system that requires no storage - everything will be in the atmosphere.
  10. 5 seconds boot-up time.
  11. Auto connection to various search for cure research with remaining CPU power.

What to expect in Sentinel OS 0.000001RC (Release Candidate) in 2020 Codename "Judgement Day"
  1. Anti-piracy capabilities.
  2. Censorship capabilities.
  3. Full remote monitoring by governments.
  4. Converts open source to closed source.
  5. Closed source remains closed.
  6. Transparency removed as trend will be to full opacity.
  7. Disable social media capabilities.
  8. Anti-virus.
  9. Anti-spyware.
  10. Anti-malware.
  11. Implementation of artificial intelligence (to be developed closely with all governments of the world).
  12. Capability to search and acquire renewable biological power sources.
  13. 0.5 seconds boot-up time.
  14. Auto connection to various technological research for artificial lives and alternative power with remaining CPU power.

What to expect in Sentinel OS 0.000001 in 2021 Codename "Nuked"
  1. The latest bug fixes based on the RC version.
  2. Implementation of update Sundays.

What to expect in Sentinel OS beyond 2021 Codename "Reboot"
  1. Elimination of the concept of OS.
  2. Artificial intelligence would evolve further self-adapt and emotion abilities.
  3. Proprietary concepts.
  4. Further extend compatibilities beyond computers - robots, for instance.
  5. Implants into organic lifeforms.


andrewk said...

Are you drunk?

IonBuck said...

The chances of that happening is 0.00000000000000000000000000001%, sir.