Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Burger Curry Dip and Cheese Wrapped Chocolates

Not blogged for a few days now because partly, I did not have any interesting to write about and also was too lazy to look for anything to blog. :P But I can't help writing this one about some giant F&B companies.

First up, McDonald's lost its final trademark battle with McCurry (a restaurant that sells Indian food) right here in Malaysia. Gone right up to Malaysia's highest court for these kind of things, the Federal Court ruled that McDonald's can no longer appeal against another court's ruling to allow McCurry to use the "Mc" in their name.

Meanwhile, British Cadbury rejected American Kraft's offer to acquire the company for US$16.7 billion (I know Kraft best for its cheese and Cadbury for chocolates. Hence, the title). There may also be competing bids by Hershey and Nestle. Rumours are flying that Hershey and Nestle may jointly bid for Cadbury and then rip it apart by splitting its chocolate and gum divisions, respectively.

I heard this morning in the news (radio) that some take Kraft's bid as a sign of improving economy. If it is, great!

By the way, Happy 090909 Day.

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