Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Smartphones, Dumb thoughts...

Oh no! My mind is in turmoil again! I've tried setting my mind to think E72, E72, E72 but after an outing with my 67 buddies a couple of days ago that took us to a Nokia store, now all I can think of is the N97.

"I like to surf the web. I need a bigger screen," my mind thought.

"I need a phone with more powerful processor," I thought.

"It's no use if your screen is tiny," my mind told me.

"It's no use if the phone is slow," I told meself.

"But you know it. It felt really cool surfing with the N97 with that QWERTY keyboard sticking out like that."


And to make matters worse...

"Oooh, that N86 28mm wide angle camera can sure capture a lot more things than your typical 35mm."


"And what about that iPhone 3G S that our bud was using? Those nice photos taken by it... and Flight Control? Get that and we can challenge people to crash the planes in the shortest time!"


"And last night, our other bud told us that the Samsung Jet uses Symbian and not Samsung's own OS!"

"Oh yessssss... yessssss..."

"Hehehehehe... don't forget Android... Motorola Cliq's got that slide out keyboard thing..."

"Yesssssssssssss... and Nokia's got N900 that runs on Maemo which I can't pronounce."

"Hahahahaha! Hehehehehe! Hohohohoho!"

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