Friday, 25 September 2009

We claim...

Penang belongs to the state government.

Hainanese chicken rice belongs to Melaka after our minister said we should claim ownership of certain dishes but not patent them.

Pulau Batu Putih belongs to Malaysia but the International Court of Justice said otherwise.

Our advertiser claimed the pendet dance belongs to us and caused major a major controversy with Indonesia.

We also claimed Pulau Jemur but then, there are three of them with the same name.

We are laying claims over the Spratly Islands against China, Vietnam, Brunei, The Philippines and Taiwan.

Are we still claiming the batik? Do we own it yet? What else are we claiming? What should we claim next?

Update 21:34: Penang Indian-Muslim community are now laying claim to nasi kandar and pasembur.

Looks like we may be starting a trend and controversy here. Maybe even pioneering this claim thing. Oh yeah! Yes, we can!


Anonymous said...

Hainanese chicken rice belongs to Hainanese people like me ok...

IonBuck said...

There was a theory that Hainanese chicken rice belonged to Hokkien Singaporeans... hahaha... just kidding.