Thursday, 17 September 2009

Why 1Malaysia F1? Because we have a plan...

Why of course, else why would our government make such a huge commitment to a decaying sport that in itself is mired in all sorts of issues from espionage to teams threatening to pull out altogether to flying debris? Besides that, one of our opposition's leading figure (who incidentally wants his Penang state government to own* the name Penang) began to concede that our prime minister is a difficult opponent to beat because he had been throwing out some good stuff to the public such as liberalising (but still holding on to) the New Economic Policy and introducing KPIs to rate those weird ministers.

Since our PM had already achieved so much, he would need to continue to do more. Hence, this 1Malaysia F1 team. It all doesn't end there. The next news we heard was that a huge complex will be built to develop this team. A gigantic complex with an equally huge wind tunnel. I bet the wind tunnel is part of the feng shui for our country where it will face a certain "ong" direction so that it will suck in all those fortunes from other rich nation(s) into our land. Just this could be the very plan why we are going into F1.

Another reason, I speculate, is to promote spending. Leaders lead the way, right? Therefore, if our government do not start by doing it big together with super-rich local conglomerates, why else would us normal people even consider spending? Spending improves economy. After throwing in billions in the name of stimulus packages, the government needs to continue the momentum.

By joining in the F1 game, huge sums would be allocated to employ oversea talents right from the janitor (yes! High tech toilets!) to the engineers and to the frontline people - the pitstop team and the drivers. Locally, we do not have much knowledge in F1 save for the retired Ferrari guy-cum-Malaysia's million Ringgit tourism ambassador who married our very own Datuk Michelle Yeoh. See the point? Foreign exchange of knowledge and monies!

My last guest would be that eventually, our national car companies will take over the innards of the F1 car. The primary engine will be the Campro or whatever name at that time followed by a re-badge by sticking their logo on the F1 car. This is the only way our national cars will become a renown force to the world. Yes we can!

*via my bud's shared item.

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