Friday, 9 October 2009

Do you like chatting with people wearing dark sunglasses?

Just had this idea to blog about after a Twitter chat with someone I followed. It all began when all the people that I was following in Twitter do not have their profile pictures showing. I somehow managed to use "talking to people who are wearing sunglasses" as an analogy.

Over my lifetime, I've talked to many people who are wearing sunglasses at that time. Sometimes, it is ok, but sometimes, I felt awkward. I never knew if they were looking at me or were looking some where else or were sleeping and I had this image in my mind of them without their sunglasses, talking to me but looking elsewhere at all times. Do you get the drift? However, I don't seem to mind if we were talking under bright sunlight (probably because I could see their eyes in that condition) but if we were talking in a shaded area or in a room... even Horatio doesn't do that!

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