Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Ingenious Dynamic Duo

I'm totally embarrassed to admit that I was too lazy to come out with this latest ingenious post about our top two representatives of this country's Chinese community. From what I recalled (stand to be corrected), the two guys sort of made a pact to act professionally after they won their seats in the party (fyi, their dislike for each other is common knowledge). They promised to bring back the confidence that the community had lost in the party.

So, we thought all went well until some months ago, the number two got fired for being an ex-porn star. Then, the top guy became the fall guy when conspiracy after conspiracy dragged him to a no confidence vote during an urgent extraordinary meeting. A week later, these two released press statements that they will now work together for the greater good of the party. I was like... huuuuuuuuh? That is ingenuity I could not comprehend because their action rendered the voting committee in the party useless. Tsk, tsk, tsk...

On the bright side, I suppose they should be happy that they do not have a carnivorous dude in their party.

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