Tuesday, 6 October 2009

IonBuck Is VERY *Wear Sunglasses* Into the Horatio Thing. YEAHHHHHH!!!

How many of you *wear sunglasses* have not watched CSI: Miami before? YEAHHHHHHHH!!!

Today, is going to be *wear sunglasses* a great morning full of YEAHHHHHHHH!!!

Catch Cracked.com's super compilation of *wear sunglasses* Horatio Caine's one-liners in the series here on IonBuck's Blog. YEAHHHHHHHH!!!

Jim Carrey is going to get his ass *wear sunglasses* kicked by Horatio. YEAHHHHHHHH!!!

Have a nice *wear sunglasses* kickass day! YEAHHHHHHHH!!!


Booker said...

Jim Carey SO FUNNY!!!!

IonBuck said...

If David Caruso decides to leave CSI: Miami, the producers know where to look. :P