Saturday, 31 October 2009

Jeans are in, but for the future it's...

A good many decades ago, jeans were synonymous with labour but the comfortable trousers soon become fashion until today. Who would have predicted this? And who would have predicted that leaders around the world are wearing jeans for official meetings? What is next after jeans?

Lets do some analysis here:
  1. Men have been exposing their moustaches for centuries and are labeled sexy.
  2. Some even have beards.
  3. There is the issue of global warming.
Concluding here, exposing facial hair is good, so why not expose hair from the legs, too? And wear shorts? Yes! I predict that up next, people will meet in shorts, exposing their (hairy) legs (some men do not have hairy legs and some women do, so this goes for both sexes) in official functions.


Simply Simply said...

Conclusion is Lu Siao Liao

IonBuck said...

Siao your head.