Monday, 23 November 2009

@#%$ Monday!!!

Mondays are bad, we all know that but this one is exceptionally bad! Began the day with stressful problems that required running here and there, calling this and that, phone calls streaming in from left, right, center, and found out about something important involving external parties that was not communicated. I think tonight I will be dreaming about some of these, too.

Gosh. If this is a sampling of what's to come, I'd be totally burn out in no time. I will be shouting goodbye cruel world and, hopefully, land on some really evil baddy's head who will break my fall.

Good thing that there's this blog here which I can voice it all out. Now I am feeling a tad better. Aaah... deep breath, deep breath. Oh, lunch time is near. Goody.

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