Friday, 27 November 2009

Smartphones, Dumb Thoughts 2

After recovering from an outburst of smartphone lust, I am now back again with those thoughts. This time, it stemmed from my attempt to get some reading materials to fit into my ancient PDA for use during my endless graveyard shifts. It all began last night... or was it the night before (I am starting to realise that night shifts have the same effects of too much time travel)?

I was surfing the net looking for reading materials that could last me through the wee hours of morning and found some so I converted them to PDF with this really cool PDFCreator (which incidentally is free). At that point in time, I was praising my intelligence in being able to think of such a thing. Who would want to bring newspapers, magazines or books around to read these days, right? Ahem, that is another story.

Anyway, I continued my brilliant idea by further transferring these PDF files to my ancient PDA with a screen size of 240x320 or 320x240 (depending how you want to hold it). Brought it to the work place and after much stress in organising stuffs and listening to advise and 'advise', I sat down for some electronic reading. Aaah... clicked on one of the files and mobile Adobe Reader launched.

Clicked on the "a" icon so that Adobe can help judge to display the best text size for reading. And then, I realised that screen resolution IS and will ALWAYS be important. We need to be really greedy for screen resolution. 320x240 is simply not adequate. I needed to pan the stuff from left to right and right to left after reading halfway of EVERY sentence. Did I tell you that I got dizzy after 20 minutes of Cloverfield and had to leave? No? Check out my bud and my experience here.

Thankfully, I was too damn confused with the timeline and lack of sleep that I did not feel dizzy with the panning this time around. I laboured through one article. But this is reason enough for me to make a sequel to the first Smartphones, Dumb Thoughts... While the devil in me is tempted to go out and just purchase a Nokia E72, this very problem of screen resolution asset is holding me back. To what end will it last? When will I be able to find a balance between an affordable and big resolution smartphone?

I reckon this issue would never have come up if those blardy phone manufacturers could ONLY make phones that are just phones. I hold you all responsible for this unnecessary stress occupying my limited grey matter!


wooncc said...

n900!!!!!!!!!! or DRRROOOOIIIIDDDDD

IonBuck said...

If only they are coming to Malaysia... and if only they come cheap... sigh...