Friday, 4 December 2009

Earthquake in Malaysia?

I still remember my Geography lessons during my what-seemed-like-an-eternity-ago school days where we had this world map with lots of dots and indications of volcanoes and earthquake zones. A teacher or two (or a few? Can't really remember) made us feel thankful that Malaysia is (was?) miraculously surrounded by but NOT within these dots and indications. Malaysia is also rich in natural minerals and petroleum.

Since our country do (did?) not suffer from volcanoes and earthquakes, we would be a perfect place for living and commerce, yeah? A haven for almost everything, I would say. We should be a prosperous country by now. I wonder why we are only moderate now.

Ahem, anyways, it seems like our days of earthquake free is over. According to The Star Online, a 2.2 mild earthquake was detected in Bukit Tinggi. Earthquakes at other countries like Indonesia also caused tremours in our land. Even if we could survive these, we still have to face the brain drain issue... something not to be taken lightly, definitely.


wooncc said...

the end is near

IonBuck said...

Bring out your signs! Lets go out to the streets and warn the rest of the world!