Friday, 18 December 2009

Klang Valley Public Transport Efficiency Improvement Attempt #9,999,999?

Most certainly not as many times as that, but surely this is 10 millionth attempt to make our public transport system better. This time around, it is back to bus lanes, dedicated ones with barriers so that other cars can't access it. From the news article, it seems these lanes will also be extensions instead of just marking an existing lane on the road as a bus lane.

There're also some vague stuff about some bus rapid transit Corridor One, Two and Three and buses utilising some under utilised expressways to Kuala Lumpur with minimal stops along the way.

The Kelana Jaya LRT line will also see 26 new 4-car trains (and all these while I thought the tracks couldn't take anything more than 2!!! Shame, shame!) next year with 35 more to follow in 2011. The Ampang line will see 14 new trains (damn, I thought the Ampang line was the same as the Kelana Jaya line). The much talked about Subang LRT line will also be completed though no time frame was given as to when it will be completed but the way it was put, it seems like 2011. I didn't know the Subang LRT line was being built! Must have missed the news some where.

There are also improvements to the KTM Komuter electric trains with 15 refurbished additions by 2011 and a total of 80 by 2012 from the current 20+.

Touch 'n Go users will get discounted fares from all operators. Yay! And finally, the puzzling one from the special adviser to the Transport Ministry, Mohamad Nur: Drivers with outstanding summonses would be refused road tax renewals next year to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Looks like a significant number of drivers never pay summonses.

Source: The Star Online News

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