Monday, 28 December 2009

So Un-Streamyx

I got my Streamyx bill last week and thought I should call their customer service to upgrade to 1Mbps (fyi I'm currently using the minimal 512kbps package) via their Super Upgrade Deals promotion so I dialed 100 on my house phone (CAUTION! If you dial 100 with your mobile phone, it's RM3!).

The experience was terrible. The customer service end obviously did not have a clue about this promotion and did not know if I can upgrade via the phone at all! First, after getting my details, she just asked me to wait and wait and wait while she claimed to call up my details on her system. And then, she asked someone how to upgrade for me. She told me I need to physically go to a TM Point. I asked again if I can upgrade through the phone and then she went and asked someone again. Then she started to give me a link to do it. Sigh.

I proceeded to go online and find out myself and just before the confirmation page to upgrade there appeared a clause that said I will be on contract for 24 months should I upgrade. I paused and thought a while... and then decided to cancel my application. @$%#@%

This must be a way that TM is tying us up from going to other competitors. I can feel that the competition is heating up and within these 2 years, there should be some nice packages. My eyes are on DiGi. I'm not so mad about that terrible 100 customer service now. Without that happening, I might already have upgraded via the phone! GASP! Horrors!

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