Monday, 18 January 2010

Cadbury Should Buy Kraft and Hershey

Damn those irritating companies that are trying to buy over Cadbury! The yummy chocolate manufacturer deserves better than being pushed around like that! Kraft's trying to make a hostile takeover and even increased more money in doing so by selling their frozen pizza thingy to Nestle (so that Nestle would not join in the Cadbury takeover game). Next, comes Hershey. Oooh, yes, Hershey. They make some nice chocolates, too, but ahem, anyways, Kraft and Hershey are getting on my nerves for trying to buy over Cadbury and kept appearing on the news over and over and over again.

Cadbury should reverse the game and takeover those two companies instead. Hmph! I'm gonna support Cadbury by not buying nor consuming anything from Kraft and Hershey for the rest of tonight. Gonna have a Kit Kat now. Good night, folks!

Update 19 January 2010: Cadbury has agreed recommends to a ₤11.9 billion deal with Kraft. Sigh.

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