Friday, 8 January 2010

It's complicated to buy fuel in Malaysia

I'm sure everyone is used to talks such as petrol is expensive in this country and that country but not those other countries and that this country has subsidised fuel while that other country does not. Who knows that here in my country, we no longer JUST talk about those. Here, we also say things like:
  1. We have at least* five kinds of fuel - RON95 petrol (my car sucks running on this one), RON97 petrol, VPower petrol, diesel and NGV.
  2. Foreign cars cannot pump more than 20 litres of petrol within I forgot how many kilometers from our borders BUT Singapore ones are a little different.
  3. Sometimes our government issue some kind of permits for commercial vehicles so that these vehicles can pump limited but subsidised diesel.
  4. Assuming those that drive big cars are rich people, they may not be getting subsidised petrol.
  5. Assuming that poor people drive small cars, they will all get subsidised petrol.
  6. Maybe everyone will be eligible to pump limited subsidised fuel.
  7. We have smart identity cards so we should utilise that when refueling.
I'm a little confused. Are you?

* just in case I am not aware of another special type of fuel.

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