Monday, 1 February 2010

Smartphones, Dumb Thoughts 3 - Rise of Cobra

Oh, I've still not watched that G. I. Joe movie but suddenly, that cobra rising title seemed appropriate here. My Sony Ericsson T303 went kaput a few days... maybe weeks back because after turning it on and leaving it idle for awhile, calls and SMSes could not come in. I would need to turn it off and on again and this process repeated itself over and over and over... it is as though the phone has a standby mode that switches off the receiver or something.

Occasionally, I would become worse - I can't turn off the phone. I had to remove the battery... then I had to reset the time and date... grrrr... Finally yesterday, I took out my ancient Nokia 6210 - one of the smartest phones during its time - and inserted my SIM card and sent my T303 in for warranty repair just now.

Now my tough and smart Nokia 6210 rises again, returning back to its original glory where I can have 1,000 phone entries versus 500 for the T303. HMPH!

While I was at an authorised Sony Ericsson service centre, I asked the dude if he knew when Rachael is coming to town. His replied was a big maybe in March. Hmmm...

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