Monday, 22 February 2010

Smartphones, Dumb Thoughts 4 - Dumb Dumb Humans

I can't help but feel that as mobile phones get smarter, we humans become dumb and dumber. This enlightening thought came today when I am supposedly to be on-leave but people from work (mostly contractors) kept calling, disturbing my peace. I am still waiting for my one phone that will rule them all and am just using a basic slider phone - a Sony Ericsson T303 but the whole day of the ringing phone got me really irritated (especially when I tried to nap and all three times I tried, someone had to call me) and negative thoughts about having a smartphone start to form:
  1. SMSes are no longer enough, we get e-mails in smartphones so that our bosses could send e-mails that they deem urgent during our bedtime - and still expect an immediate reply.
  2. As if e-mails are not enough, we get task lists, calendars and reminders in even my current phone - reminder of work when we are not working.
  3. We will be enslaved by the internet because we will be online all the time with today's smartphones and almost always on internet connections.
  4. Men will have lesser sperm counts, while everyone will be having headaches because phones now have WIFI, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, GSM, CDMA, FM, Bluetooth and soon WIMAX, LTE and who knows what else?
  5. Our bosses will work with Microsoft to hack into our phones' GPS system so that they know our every move.
  6. Callers will form a new alliance where they will track what we do and only start calling during our most inconvenient times such as while we are driving, in the shower, taking a leak, having dinner, etc.
  7. I'm sure there are plenty more cons out there but I can't think of any right now. My home WIFI is blocking my thoughts.
But alas, whatever it is, I am still getting my smartphone and shall willingly give in to all those stress (except for #1, #2 and #5... HMPH!) because... because... why? I also don't know.


wooncc said...

you think too much

IonBuck said...

That's because there is so much to think about.