Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pick and Choose The Best Humans - Coming Soon

Have you watched Gattaca before? I can't really recall the story but the gist of it was people with the best genes were selected to go up to some where in space to perform some dream jobs while those that bear inferior genes were doomed to perform mundane jobs - the kind of jobs we do now. ;)

Looks like that time is not too far off now that genome sequencing is getting more popular than ever. All kinds of species have had their genomes sequenced... including us humans. Now, scientists are looking into something more in-depth - what are the unhealthy genomes that carry diseases. At the moment, it takes US$50,000 for a complete sequencing but as demand rise, I'm pretty sure you can eventually do it at a vending machine.

Prospective employers will definitely go get their employees sequenced and kick those inferior ones out. Insurance companies will not entertain bad genome people. Life is going to get messy!

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Hobb said...

You're right, IB. Sounds a lot like Gattaca.