Monday, 19 April 2010

Ingenious! My Ancient Car Air-Conditioner Is Alive!

It is confirmed! My car's air-conditioner is indeed alive and has a conscious mind of its own! Let me relate my story:

For the last week, the air-cond compressor had this intermittent problem of not kicking in to cool the system but after twisting the temperature knob to off and back on, the thing could run fine. Then came Friday when I was down south, the thing wouldn't cool down and kept pumping out hot and humid air. On top of that, it was raining outside! Oh yeah, something like the Titanic scene involving Kate Winslet and Leonardo diCaprio.

So, once back home on Saturday, I sent it to the workshop for repairs and guess what? I kept working fine throughout the whole 2 hours there. ARGH! Anyways, the mechanic did some by-passing the switch and off I went home. That was Saturday afternoon. In the evening, going out to dinner, the problem kicked in again. :(

And this morning, the problem persisted but I had a few things that needed to be settled back in the office so I thought I would do those stuff first and then head over to the mechanic. On my way to the mechanic, the problem happened again so I thought this is a good sign. At last, the mechanic would be able to detect the problem but about 5 minutes before arriving... ARGH! It worked again! And worked for the whole 1 hour at the workshop. %!@#&@#

Now when am I ever going to settle this!?!??!?


Philip Lee said...

i had this problem previously. it could be the wiring. The mechanic opposite ruby cinema is specialized in air cond and car wiring and can probably find a way to solve it.

IonBuck said...

Uh oh... the problem had not reappeared again for weeks now. Mysterious indeed.