Monday, 31 May 2010

Computer Viruses May Now "Infect" Humans

The time when the border between humankind and computers robots blurs has finally arrived. Computer virus can now "directly" infect humans! Recently, a University of Reading researcher Mark Gasson purposefully infected a chip implanted into himself with computer virus and passed on to other devices from the implant.

The purpose was to illustrate the ease of how computer viruses may spread into other more important devices in the future (such as life saving pacemakers, cochlear implants for the hearing impaired and deep brain stimulators) when these devices get more advanced (ie. when Windows OS is installed into these devices... just kidding... in other words, when these devices eventually have its own operating systems).

It wouldn't be too far off then when some evil programmers create a self-aware virus an infect these devices which could control humans...

via LifeScience.

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