Saturday, 29 May 2010

Some quick thoughts about my 1 day old HTC Desire

As some of my little Twitter followers would know, I got my first ever smartphone yesterday at the Maxis roadshow in KLCC. Mine is the much awaited HTC Desire - an Android 2.1 device. It's been my desire for quite some time now.

Here're some quick thoughts - first the positives:
  1. The AMOLED screen!
  2. I don't know Chinese but the on-screen keyboard has it built-in. 好!
  3. The 5 megapixels camera is quite acceptable for a phone.
  4. I love the physical back button.
  5. The screen is not so bad under direct sunlight as some reviewers put it - phew!
  6. Not because of the device but I'm on cloud 9 to know my area has kickass HSPA!

The bad:
  1. On-screen keyboard needs some major getting used to (because I've never used these before).
  2. This device is for sale by Maxis Malaysia without screen protectors and cases in the market! Highly unacceptable. I need to protect my precioussssssss.
  3. Taking photos with the optical pad is a no no.

That be all for now, folks!

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