Monday, 28 June 2010

Real Photographers Don't Use Camera Phones?

Just as I was getting all excited and started to snap photos with my HTC Desire, I got to read this article about a survey done on 2,245 Brits - that only a fifth felt a camera phone is sufficient. Bummer.

No big deal. I never once thought a camera phone can replace even the cheapest compact cameras from Panasonic, Canon or Nikon (but I am quite sure it may be better than some really cheap brands) but ever since I got a "quite" decent camera phone in my HTC Desire, I've been going around snapping.

Maybe because it's so new and I can't get enough of it... sometimes, I felt like hugging it in my sleep but fear of too much radiation may cause me to turn into a jolly green giant monster when I get too anxious stopped me from doing just that.

Or maybe it is just so convenient to reach into my pants pocket, take out the phone and start snapping in a few seconds! Hmmm... I think I may find one day to talk about the HTC Desire's camera... can't like it too much but can't hate it either. :D Anyways, am talking about the convenience of a camera phone here.

Night, folks!

via PhotographyBLOG.

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