Friday, 18 June 2010

Why Is Coffee So Popular?

I've been curious for a long time why so many people I know like coffee? Some can survive on coffee without breakfast and lunch and some need at least a few cups of coffee a day. Some need to start the day off with a cuppa. And some drink coffee to stay awake.

Personally, I still feel sleepy after drinking coffee (the normal dose). I will feel dizzy and couldn't sleep if I overdose on coffee. I remembered one incident when I was studying for exams (am so glad I don't need to study anymore... woooohooooooo! But I am not too amuse with working life either but that is another story that could span a few thousand pages) so I made myself a mug of super thick coffee and gulped the whole thing down - ended up dizzy and then had to lay down wide-eyed. :-O

Comics via Being Five.

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