Tuesday, 6 July 2010

An IonBuck Case of Unhealthy But Delicious Living

Oh yeah! I have only one theory when it comes to eating - unhealthy food is generally delicious while healthy food is most likely yucky. My theory was proven last Sunday with this delicious bowl of curry noodles (and the cool weather that day helped to enhance the experience further):
What better to eat than curry noodles on such a lazy and wint... on Twitpic
Said theory was once again proven earlier today over dinner - taucu pork:
Yum, yum! Taucu pork! on Twitpic
Not very sure what taucu is but I think it's some form of fermented beans that make great sauce. It has this effect where you would add bowls and bowls of rice just to mix with the sauce!


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