Friday, 2 July 2010

Nokia and Symbian End Before the World?

I was going to blog about my experience a couple of days ago with Google Maps on my HTC Desire but this proved to be much more urgent! One of Nokia and Symbian's greatest advocate had given up on both (via @mahyuni retweeted by @andrewkjs)! This is by far the strongest opinion against Nokia and Symbian I've heard since errr... I became some kind of a fan of both.

Well actually, I've never owned a Symbian powered Nokia before but I've always wanted to. I've used Nokia phones for almost 80% of my working life and I'd been one of those who looked forward to getting the N97 when it was first announced. I badly needed a replacement for my then dying Nokia 6210. How unfortunate to learn of the N97's shortcomings during that time - the lacking hardware, the half-hearted Symbian 5th Edition, etc. I had no choice but to move on to a temporary Sony Ericsson T303 phone while still hoping that Nokia would come out with a winner.

That day never came and now I own a one month old Android powered HTC Desire. Never had I thought I would get a HTC phone when I was waiting for a N97, especially during those days when HTC was all about Windows Mobile but I think HTC's move to include Android in their product line was a smart one... they roped me in (actually I would prefer the bare Google/HTC Nexus One but there is still no sign of it ever coming here)! :P

Deep inside, I am still hoping Nokia (but probably not Symbian since I've never used that OS before) would rise again one day but they have much to catch up on. Their E71 was a good move (E72 could have been better) but I wanted a phone with higher resolution and better web surfing capabilities. The N900 was superb and I still think it is one of the better phones around but unfortunately, it came to Malaysia way too late, and after Nokia announced that they are going the Meego route.

For now, it is bye-bye Nokia and Symbian but I still have faith that both will bounce back one day, so good luck! I hope to be a Nokia user again!

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