Sunday, 31 October 2010

Miniature Rojak Buah?

Was at the newly reopened SS2 McDonald's earlier today and took this photo of SS2 with my HTC Desire from the new outdoor seating area (and uploaded to Twitpic on-site):
View of SS2 from McDonald's new outdoor seating. on Twitpic
After reaching home, I had a thought of trying to digitally apply some tilt-shift effect on the photo. I did not use any specialised software but instead used the freeware Gimp (the free Photoshop for poor people who don't want to pirate and have no money to buy Adobe's brilliant program). Here's the result:
Interesting that by blurring the top part of the photo to achieve this miniature effect, a big "Japanese flag" was produced as a side-effect. It was actually a signage with Chinese characters in front of the reddish circle. :P

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