Friday, 14 March 2014

What's new on iOS 7.1?

iTwe4kz has most of the features highlighted in his video below:

Besides that, there's a bit of a speed improvement for iPhone 4 users as well. I've also noticed that iOS 7.1 made my iPhone 5 visibly faster because deep inside I've been complaining to myself that my phone was starting to lag... or could it be that it was a restart after the upgrade? Hmmm...

Generally, I like the new updates to the phone app but didn't feel quite right with the keyboard with the thicker text. There is something else that no one seem to have mentioned (but then again this could be something that I didn't notice throughout the previous iOS 7 iterations?) - when you first turn on the phone from standby, the lockscreen wallpaper seems to pop out at me. Anyone notice the difference?

video discovered via MacRumors.

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