Saturday, 4 October 2014

Two Minutes with the iPhone 6 Plus

A resourceful friend managed to get a gold iPhone 6 Plus even before it officially reach our shores and I was somehow lucky enough to handle it for a couple of minutes. My first thought was represented relatively well by the image above. The thing was humongous. Holding it next to a Galaxy Note (the first one), the iPhone was visibly taller but not significantly wider.

The next thing I did was to try Reachability. Double tap on the home button and voila! Unfortunately, my thumb was not long enough to reach the other corner so one-handed usage on the bigger iPhone 6 would be a challenge for me. After that, I tried to put it into my work pants and ok, it fit. Didn't manage to try that while sitting, though. My friend stressed that the phone was blazing fast and he proved it by opening some CAD drawings (with the AutoCAD 360 app). While on the iPhone 5 the drawings needed to keep refreshing and were super lagging whenever we pan or zoom, on the iPhone 6 Plus they were smooth and I didn't notice any refreshing of the images. I wouldn't have been that impressed had I read this article earlier on how the newest iPhone managed to outperform the Galaxy S5 and HTC One.

I had been dreaming of owning a iPhone 6 Plus mainly because of its battery life and the potential to replace my ageing iPad (still not possible as of this moment because there are still plenty of apps on my iPad that could not run on the phone). After my hands-on for two minutes, I'm still hoping to own one but slightly, only slightly, less sure about it.

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