Thursday, 11 December 2014

Shadow Blade Quicky Review

I can't believe that I can get hooked on an action platformer, especially on an iPhone. First of all, I mega-suck when it comes to action games. Secondly, playing on a touchscreen will quadruple my fail.

BUT Shadow Blade played flawlessly on the iPhone and the gesture controls are great! Combined together with decent but a little moody and dark oriental-styled graphics (maybe it will look even better on the retina iPad!), I think the game is just fine. I think I like it best because of its quick level designs. The action is fast-paced and there are less enemies to kill or else I would just keep getting killed and delete the game. There are secret areas that you will need to look for while at the same time complete the levels fast enough to earn three stars.

As I said, I suck so I've been only able to complete two stars 99% of the time because I'm just too slow. There are two types of controls, one with gestures and another with touchscreen controls (like a gamepad). I've never tried the latter because I fine the gestures to be intuitive enough for me.

So, there you go, a really quick review so that I can get back to the game! Oh, by the way, the game's free on the iOS AppStore now so go grab it!

Looking for some quick and fast-paced action? This is one of them! 4/5

Looking for something that looks really nice? This will pass. 3/5

If you want a platformer that has looooong levels, then this is not what you want. 1/5

If you are a busy person and just want a quick fix, this is one of the better ones! 4/5

Don't worry about the controls. They work fine on touchscreen! 4/5

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