Sunday, 25 January 2015

Crossy Road Quicky Review

New discovery. I suck in Crossy Road. I guess this means I automatically suck in ancient Frogger, too. My fingers are just too trigger happy. Once I start swiping and tapping I can't stop and will quickly bump or get flattened by a vehicle or just fall into the river or get squashed by a high speed train.

My problems aside, Crossy Road is a rather simple game where you tap and swipe your way to cross endless roads, rivers or railway tracks. Maybe there are more surprises later but my skills are so limited that I couldn't get very far. Don't think you can stay on safe ground for long because what appears to be a eagle will swoop down and carry you away. I love the simple blocky graphics that are not the very common pixelated ones but closer to LEGO blocks.

So... if you have a busy schedule and would like a quicky, perhaps Crossy Road can be your companion... unless you have great motor skills which you could just go on and on and on... 4/5

Simple game, simple graphics but done nicely. 4/5

It's got in-app purchases but it won't be a problem if you're just happy with a few characters. 1/5

Game play couldn't be simpler. 2/5

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