Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Amazing Apple Earnings

Normally, I don't care about a company's earnings... mainly because it's really depressing to see the amount they earn compared to my meagre salary as an employee but this... this Apple's earnings announcement was something else:
The company sold 74.5 million iPhones in its fiscal first quarter ended Dec. 27, while many analysts had expected fewer than 70 million. Revenue rose to $74.6 billion from $57.6 billion a year earlier. 
Profit of $18 billion was the biggest ever reported by a public company, worldwide, according to S&P analyst Howard Silverblatt. Apple's cash pile is now $178 billion, enough to buy IBM or the equivalent to $556 for every American.
Did you get that part where Apple earned a profit of $18 billion dollars and broke the world record? Wow.
There is no doubt that as we approach the end of this quarter, all sorts of negative news will start appearing again saying that Apple profits will drop compared to the quarter reported and share prices will fall followed by doomsday prediction for Apple. If anything, these critics and remarks are the ones that we can predict.
via Reuters.

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