Tuesday, 17 February 2015

衝上雲霄 / Triumph in the Skies (Film) Review

With a name like that, those who had never watched the two television series might have the impression that Triumph in the Skies will focus on how pilots and cabin crews overcome their daily challenges, particularly in civil aviation. On the other hand, Hong Kong TVB drama serial enthusiasts will feel right at home here. Featuring a stellar cast of Francis Ng (the original cast member), Sammy Sammi Cheng, Louis Koo, Charmaine Sheh, Chilam Cheung, and (because I'm a banana and not a Taiwanese series/movie fan, I don't know who this other person is), this film will sure attract a lot of viewers.

If I remembered correctly, after the TV series ended, a lot of my female friends were crazy about Chilam's Captain Jayden Koo, better known as Captain Cool. I don't see why they won't go crazy again after this movie.

The movie began with the original theme song by Eason Chan, a lot of slow-mo and artistic directing. Fans will definitely be impressed. Otherwise, and because I've not watched the television series, it would take some time to pick up what the movie was all about because I don't see the story leading anywhere at first.

It will later become evident that it's a light-hearted (mostly) romance movie with three main storylines. Throughout the movie, it was quite obvious the directors were flexing their artistic filming techniques with camera angles and colour filters, not unlike those you see in CSI: Miami minus the flares and an overbearing Horatio Caine.

If you're looking for a romance movie for the evening (really it's for Valentine's Day but just in case you miss it, there's still the Chinese version on the 15th day of the new lunar year), you can't go wrong with this. You might even get a few laughs here and there. 

Story wise, I don't think there's anything new here. Even the intended touching moments are predictable. You'll see all the veteran actors and actresses at their usual best although Louis Koo's and Charmaine Sheh’s tendency to outshine the rest is apparent here.

My Ratings

If you're looking to romance your partner with a love story, you're in luck - you get 3 with a little subplot for the price of one movie. Just don't go in expecting new materials. 3/5

Looking for some aviation adventure? Then this is not it. 2/5

In the mood for some of Hong Kong’s favourite hunks in big sunglasses and pilot uniforms? What about Hong Kong's (and Taiwan?) leading ladies? Look no further. 4/5

Overall, while the movie didn’t show how the pilots triumph in the skies, it is nonetheless a visual feast with love stories that are well suited for the purpose as a Valentine’s Day-cum-Chinese New Year film. 3/5

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