Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Nutshell for iOS Quicky Review

It’s not everyday that I get impressed by a video app for the iPhone mainly because… I don’t take videos (not in a million years) but somehow this app that I saw being promoted in the App Store last week made me try. For a totally dumbfounded beginner, this app sure made things possible.

The instructions were simple enough and the interface was as east as 1, 2 and 3. You just take three photos and the app will compile everything into a short video (it’s got slow motion, too!) for you. After that, you can add/delete text and animation for each. You will be amazed at the outcome! It’s worth noting that while you take the 3 photos, the app actually continues to record so be aware of that when you want to frame your subjects. When everything’s completed, you can save your masterpiece into your phone or share it through social media.

The official video below would explain the whole thing better than me so take a look.

My Ratings

Amazingly simple, yet wields impressive results. Truly for the beginner. 4/5

Unfortunately, the video quality could be better but I suspect it’s necessary tradeoff possibly for smaller file sizes. 2/5

Did I tell you that it’s all in square format like Vine and Instagram? So it’s not going to look interesting on your TV or LCD screens. 3/5

Despite all the flaws, it’s important to keep in mind that the app is designed to be simple and the video is for easy sharing so give it a break, ok? 3/5

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