Sunday, 26 April 2015

An Encounter with Nana's Green Tea

What was supposed to be just drinks on a Sunday became a full lunch. On a mission for a quick drink, my partner and I stumbled upon this place called Nana's Green Tea. We were attracted by its parfait photo put up on Instagram by a relative last year. Only reminded by the promotional signage (indeed, placement of signage is very important!) on the way up from 1 Utama's parking, we headed there without hesitation.

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The set meals seemed like a deal at RM21.90 each considering that the food itself already exceeded that price if you ordered ala carte, what more there was also a drink that would come with the set (not that RM21.90 is cheap by any means). Presented with not much of food choice (especially if you compare with chains like Sushi Tei, Sakae Sushi, etc.), we ordered the Salmon Don and Loco Hamburg sets with Azuki Latte (red bean) and Matcha Latte, respectively. Note the loose usage of the word latte which we normally associate with coffee together with milk. There were no coffee in the drinks today.

The portions were reasonable and the food acceptable. Nothing to shout about but nothing to really criticise either. I particularly like the Matcha Latte - it tasted almost like concentrated milk green tea. I was geared for a normal milky green tea (I was silently wishing for an ice-blended but there was no such option with the set) until I tasted it. Very satisfying if you don't mind the slight bitterness of green tea overdose. :D

We almost gave up on dessert because of a heavy breakfast but being kiasu Malaysians, we decided to order the Matcha "Nama Chocolate" Parfait. I'm at a lost because I didn't taste any chocolate but the rest of the stuff - green tea and vanilla ice-cream,  red bean, cornflakes, whipped cream, green tea jelly - made for a good dessert. No regrets here.

If you are looking for a Japanese meal, the limited food menu might not satisfy you. 2/5

However, if Japanese desserts (primarily green tea-based) are what you fancy, this could be one of the place for ya. 4/5

Looking for ambience while you enjoy your desserts? I particularly like the ceiling and the reflection off its surrounding glazing. It's bright and a place to hangout for a couple of hours. Good air-conditioning, too. 3/5

Yes, I would like to return to try out more of its parfait and other green tea-based drinks but I'm in no hurry to do that anytime soon, though. 3/5

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