Saturday, 25 April 2015

Jaring in Liquidation

Malaysia's first mass internet service provider and also my first service provider to get connected to the outside world back in the 90s, Jaring, is now in liquidation. I've almost forgotten about Jaring and those days of dialup internet using a modem.

I could still remember the need to dial a local phone number and when the connection slowed, became unstable or there were tonnes of people connected to it, we struggle to find other numbers to dialup. Connections were faster during the wee hours of morning. Connection was charged by the minute with the first 20 hours free (or something like that). Charges went up when Telekom decided that they, too, will charge local calls by the minute. Later on, a general 1511 with discounted local call rate would automatically connect us to a Jaring local number. We've come so far now with mobile internet being faster than typical copper broadband that dialup belongs in the history books.

It's still sad to know that despite being the pioneer, Jaring could not keep up. Well, there's still hope as long as Jaring still exists... so all the best to you!

via The Malaysian Insider.

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