Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Mighty Ang Ku Kuih (紅龜粿)

A colleague bought us these mighty Chinese "pastry" that had sticky skin on the outside and green bean paste inside. Wikipedia calls it the red tortoise cake because of its resemblance to a tortoise shell. Its Chinese writing is 紅龜粿 and pronounced as "ang ku kuih".
Red tortoise cakes are shaped like tortoise shells because the Chinese traditionally believed that eating tortoises would bring longevity to those who are eating it and bring about good fortune and prosperity.
Due to modernisation, these cakes come in a variety of colours, fillings and flavours. As demonstrated today, perhaps because of profiteering, these guys come in smaller sizes. I felt like the ang ku kuih of today could be half the size of the ang ku kuih of yesteryears. Well, giving the benefit of the doubt, I suppose it could be shortage of ingredients... yeah right.

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