Friday, 7 August 2015

Vertical videos are BAD for you!

I wouldn’t AND couldn’t deny that I hate vertical videos, i.e. videos taken by people that hold their intelligent phones in portrait mode. I tried to tell my family not to take videos that way. I tried to tell my close friends not to take videos that way.

Alas, somehow it just happens. Don’t tell anyone but I’ve accidentally done it a few times, too. I was just holding the phone in portrait mode and without thinking, opened up the camera app, switched to video and just... just... did it. I only realised when I replayed the video much later. Shameful, but I think it happens to most of us. Not many would intentionally want to do that.

Why I hate this kind of videos? Because if I play them on the computer screen or on a TV, I see very little of the video which will be in the middle and the rest are just plain wasted space. Yucks!

I would feel very sick and uneasy if these videos become generally accepted. Please don’t make me puke! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!

To be clear, I don’t have any problems with vertical photos though in certain instances horizontal might look nicer.

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