Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Zite Integrates into Flipboard and I discover a Dude Who Spent 18 Hours in a Starbucks

I love Zite because it learns to show me the news that I like to read. I also like Flipboard because it's presents news in a nice layout. I had wondered when will Flioboard do the inevitable after it acquired Zite - 2 become 1. Well, I'm sorry to say I found out about it only today because I've not used Zite for a long time. I could hardly finish my Feedly "Must Read" news!

I might have been too lazy to post this but the newly formed Flipboard-Zite relationship actually thought I would like to know a Huffington Post dude's experience when he decided to spend his 18 hours in a Starbucks, from open till close. Well, Flipboard-Zite was right. I did read the whole thing and now you could, too, if you decide to click here.

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